Units of Training and WBAs 

Completion of Unit of Training (CUT) Forms

Format - Lifelong Learning

ST6 trainees in the Oxford School of Anaesthesia are able to do higher level training modules (HTMs) or advanced level training modules (ATMs).

Over the course of higher training in ST5/6/7, CUT forms are required for these mandatory units of training:

  • Anaesthesia for neurosurgery, neuroradiology and neurocritical care

  • Cardiothoracic anaesthesia and cardiothoracic critical care

  • Paediatric

  • Intensive care medicine

  • Airway Management (part of General duties)

  • Management of respiratory and cardiac arrest (part of General duties)

  • Perioperative medicine (part of General duties)

In addition, a minimum of six of the following General duties subunits must be completed:

  • Day surgery

  • General, urological and gynaecological surgery

  • Head, neck, maxillo-facial and dental surgery

  • Non-theatre

  • Obstetrics

  • Orthopaedic surgery

  • Sedation

  • Transfer medicine

  • Trauma and stabilisation

  • Vascular surgery

  • Regional

The six domains of advanced training should be completed by the end of ST7:

  • Domain 1 - Clinical practice

  • Domain 2 - Team working

  • Domain 3 - Leadership

  • Domain 4 - Innovation

  • Domain 5 - Management

  • Domain 6 - Education

The WBA requirements for each higher training module are detailed in CCT in Anaesthesia Annexe D. The WBA requirements for advanced training modules are detailed in CCT in Anaesthesia Annexe E. 


Educational Supervisor's Structured Report (ESSR)

Format - Lifelong Learning

One per year, immediately prior to ARCP


Multi-Source Feedback

Format - Lifelong Learning

A minimum of 8 responders is currently required. A minimum of 12 responders will be required from February 2020. Higher numbers are helpful. 

Frequency - Minimum of one per calendar year



Please include a cover page in your up-to-date CV highlighting the following:

  1. Training grade

  2. Placement

  3. New items since your last ARCP including:

    • Clinical Governance/Quality Improvement Summary

    • CPD Summary

Format - eportfolio/Lifelong Learning uploaded to the 'My Details' tab so that it can be accessed via your ESSR


You should have actively participated and contributed to at least one of the following per year:

  • Audit with recognisable standards (eg. audit recipe book)

  • Re-audit to close the audit loop

  • Contribution to development of new clinical guideline

  • Contribution to quality assurance/improvement programme

  • Major review of clinical effectiveness/outcomes in a local Trust


Logbook Summary

Format - Lifelong Learning

From 1st August 2018 all new CT1, ST3 and ST5 trainees must use the RCoA logbook integrated within the Lifelong Learning Platform



Applicable for Academic Clinical Fellows (ACF) and Academic Clinical Lecturers (ACL)

Format - Academic Progress Report uploaded to Lifelong Learning


Out of Programme Experience/Training (OOPE/OOPT)

Applicable if taking time out of programme

Format - Lifelong Learning

Out of programme summary, containing a brief description of work undertaken. This should include level of supervision, number of patients and case mix. If your out of programme time has been approved for training by the RCoA, please upload a copy of the report sent to the RCoA as evidence.


Reflective Practice

Format - Lifelong Learning 

Reflective practice is a key part of CPD and revalidation. If you have been involved in any conduct, capability or Serious Incident/Significant Event requiring investigation or named in any complaint, then the panel requires evidence that you have discussed it with your Educational Supervisor and reflected on the outcome.  From Feb 2019 either of the following items will be accepted as evidence of reflective practice: 

  • A record of reflective practice in the Educational Supervisor’s Structured Report.

  • Evidence of reflective practice writing, which should include an overall reflection of your previous 12 month period of training. 

Please see the GMC/Academy of Medical Royal Colleges guidance  


Format - Form R and Whole Scope of Practice forms uploaded to Lifelong Learning.


Personal Development Plan

Format - Lifelong Learning