Oxford BSE Level 1 - 6th September 2019

Oxford BSE Level 1 Course

Friday 6th September 2019

A one-day echo course designed for trainees and consultants in critical care,  cardiology, general medicine, emergency medicine and anaesthesia. Faculty includes BSE council & committee members.Scanning practice in small groups.Interactive echocardiography on live models and problem- based video scenarios sessions.


Dr. D Garry

-      ICU Consultant

-      BSE committee member

-      National Lead for BSE Level 1


Dr. G Barker

-      ICU Consultant

-      BSE committee member

-      National Lead for BSE ACCE


Dr Richard Fisher

-      ICU Consultant

-      BSE committee member

-      National Lead for BSE Level 1 education


To register email oxfordecho@gmail.com

Cost:  £200


Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 1st -7th July 2019

Breathing with your Brain

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 1st-7th July 2019

Join Professor Kyle Pattinson at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London. Breathing is fundamental to life and we all know what it feels like to be out of breath. For most of us, breathlessness passes, but for many people, feeling breathless is a defining part of their lives

Breathe Oxford is a diverse group of neuroscientists, psychologists and clinicians studying the neuroscience of breathlessness. Their work shows that breathing is about more than just the lungs. In fact, the brain has a powerful influence on our experiences. This explains why some people still feel out of breath, even when they have been provided with medical care.

The group explores how the brain controls our feelings of being out of breath using cutting-edge brain imaging technology. Understanding this control system could lead to revolutionary, personalised treatments for breathlessness. 

Come along to the Royal Society this week: you can face the Steppatron, meet the research team, and discover more about the how the brain controls our feelings of being out of breath.

ARCP - HEE England

Annual Review of Competency Progression - England

The Annual Review of Competency Progression (ARCP) process is the means by which doctors in training are reviewed each year to ensure that they are offering safe, quality patient care, and to assess their progression against standards set down in the curriculum for their training programme.

It is also the process through which their full scope of work review is undertaken to satisfy revalidation requirements.

The animation on the HEE website provides a short and simple guide for trainees and trainers to how the ARCP process should take place in England. It also outlines what it does, and does not cover, and how to get additional support.


Global Surgery 9-13th Sept 2019

Global Surgery

Mon 09 Sep 2019 - Fri 13 Sep 2019

Green Templeton College


Traditionally surgery has been taught as a technical and practical specialty; however this short course takes a completely different approach and looks at the provision of surgical services at a global level.  The term 'Global Surgery' in this course encompasses all related specialties including obstetrics, gynaecology and anaesthesia/critical care.

This five-day course, run by Oxford University Global Surgery Group, is suitable for those in all disciplines interested in global surgery. The course comprises presentations, discussions and seminars looking at major topics in global surgery such as burden of disease, manpower issues, training, partnership, supplies, service management, research needs, advocacy and ethics, and resource allocation.  There will also be a half-day session on practical preparation for surgery in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs).

Oxford Paediatric Difficult Airway Workshop 10th May 2019

Oxford Paediatric Difficult Airway Workshop

Friday 10th May 2019

Millenium Hall, Horton-cum-Studley, Oxford OX33 1BF

Course Organisers:

Dr Arnie Choi, Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist

Dr Karen Medlock, Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist

The Paediatric Difficult Intubation Workshop is for trainees and consultants who anaesthetise children and wish to refresh and update skills in managing children with a difficult airway. The course aims to discuss the management of the anticipated and unanticipated paediatric difficult airway. The format of the day is one of short interactive lectures, videos and four hours of hands-on small group workshops. The workshops cover care and basic use of the fibre-optic laryngoscope, modified airway and LMA access techniques using guidewires and exchange catheters.

Delegate numbers are limited to 24 places to allow maximum opportunity to interact and interrogate the faculty, so early booking is recommended. Registration fee includes refreshments and lunch.

Registration Fee £220

5 CPD points

Enquiries: karen.medlock@ouh.nhs.uk


TRIPOM POM Roadshow 3rd April 2019

National TRIPOM POM Roadshow

Wednesday 3rd April 2019

John Radcliffe Hospital Lecture Theatre 1

Perioperative medicine is being recognised as the next big speciality as healthcare develops a new appreciation of the patient journey. Perioperative medicine seeks to integrate existing healthcare services and expertise for patients due to undergo surgery into a seamless pathway that minimises risks and maximises benefits.

Get ahead of the curve and join us at the National Perioperative Medicine Roadshow held by Trainees with an Interest in Perioperative Medicine (TRIPOM).

With a line up of top speakers from across the country and curriculum linked topics, it's one not to miss!

Topics include:

- Risk stratifcation 

- Perioperative fluid mangement with an interactive simulation session

- The Royal College of Anaesthestists latest perioperative medicine updates

- Perioperative Quality Improvement Programme (PQIP)

and many more...

Official programme to be uploaded soon!

Validated for 6 CPD points by the Royal College of Anaesthetists! Certificates of attendence will be issued after the event. With limited spaces, book your free place now for an informative and enjoyble day! 

All grades and specialities welcome!

Free refreshments and lunch.

Educational grant by Edwards Lifesciences

Organiser Dr Eleanor Harvey

Book via eventbrite:


Global Surgery Group 28th March 2019

Oxford University Global Surgery Group - Hilary Term 2019 Meeting

Thursday 28th March 2019 6.00-7.30pm Osler House

Speakers: Rebecca Inglis, Tony Jefferis and Shakira Morar

1.       Trauma Care in Laos: The unintended consequences of short training courses: Rebecca Inglis

Rebecca is an intensive care registrar who has spent the last two years in the Laos People's Democratic Republic, co-designing a training course for doctors and nurses caring for ICU patients. Her work has focused on critically ill trauma patients in particular, understanding why this patient group has such a high mortality in this setting. She discusses how her observational work has revealed some unexpected answers.


2. A "Useful(?) Idiot" Goes to Syria: Tony Jefferis

Tony Jefferis, Consultant ENT surgeon, discusses his controversial trip to Syria  with a Medical Education Charity. Tony has been actively involved in postgraduate medical education within and outside of the UK for many years.  Although his aims for this trip were to investigate the medical problems facing the country and how we can help, the British Press felt otherwise!!


3. Poetry for Peace - The Cracked Jug: Shakira Morar

Winner of the Oxford Poetry for Peace competition. Her poem, The  Cracked Jug, inspired by a 4,000 year-old Mesopotamian jug in the Ashmolean Museum, was transformed into a short film (by Suzanne Cohen) by The Poetry Society and was unveiled for World Poetry Day. Shakira’s poem imagines the jug first being used by a girl to collect water before a cataclysmic event strikes her village, leaving the pot with a crack that would stay with it for the next 4,000 years.  The poem been translated into Arabic and has been published in the Poetry for Peace 2016 Anthology by the Foreign Office.


We look forward to seeing you there!



Oxford Global Surgery Group




PACT Paed Anaes for Core Trainees - 18th Jan 2019

PACT Paediatric Anaesthesia for Core Trainees

Friday 18th January 2019 0800-1730

Stoke Mandeville Hospital Sim Suite

Paediatric Anaesthesia is one of the most exciting subspecialties within anaesthesia. The RCOA curriculum clearly defines learning outcomes for core trainees, however many feel a significant degree of discomfort in managing paediatric cases and stabilising sick children. The PACT course aims to enhance the training core trainees receive in paediatric anaesthesia in the region thus improving their confidence. PACT aims to draw parallels to similar courses run in the deanery aimed at core trainees such as RIACT, Obstetrics anaesthesia for core trainees and the regional anaesthesia passport. 


Summary of Aims


·     Course aimed at anaesthetic core trainees only 

·     Run bi-annually 

·     Course mapped to key learning outcomes in core curriculum

·     Enhance the standard of paediatric anaesthesia training for core trainees in the Oxford school of anaesthesia.

·     Improving the confidence of core trainees in paediatric anaesthesia enabling them to gain more from their intermediate paediatric anaesthesia training

·     Equipping trainees with essential basic skills and knowledge to manage paediatric cases through focussed and dedicated training




·     Deanery funded (approved) and a paediatric course is now ‘essential’ for core trainees


·     Min 8 pers

·     Max 12 pers


Course Organisers 

Dr Vandita Ralhan (Oxford University Hospitals) ST3 Anaesthetics

Dr Rebecca Farrands (Oxford University Hospitals) ST3 Anaesthetics 


Current Faculty/Advisors

Dr Andrea Cooper (Birmingham Children’s Hospital) Retrieval and PICU Consultant

Miss Lou Kelly (Birmingham Children’s Hospital) Retrieval and PICU sister and simulation lead KIDS

Dr Nicola Smith (Oxford University Hospitals) Paediatrics ST5

Dr Avishay Sarfatti (Oxford University Hospitals) PICU Consultant

Dr Marc Davison (Stoke Mandeville Hospital) Anaesthetic Consultant

Dr Nav Bahal  (Stoke Mandeville Hospital) Anaesthetic Consultant

Dr Michael Griksatis (Southampton General Hospital) PICU and SORT consultant